The Creative Art Of Jerry Cox
Rekindle Memories sculpture class

 Rekindling Memories






Jerry will show you how to use your photographs of children to spark the pilot light of our imaginations and memories.  These rekindled memories of our childhood or of our own children will be our inspiration to bring the sculpture to life.  We will use water base clay so the students  can have their sculptures can be fired in a kiln, thus avoiding the expense of molds and bronze casting costs.   The first session will meet at Jerry’s studio  to discuss the creative process and determine your goals and supplies need for the course.


Low fire water base clay for the sculpture

Instructor demonstrations

Individual critiques daily


Jerry Cox has a unique ability to capture life in his sculpture with each telling a story. Each sculpture is a portrait describing with usual sensitivity our lives and memories. Jerry graduated from the University of Nebraska in 1967 where he studied figurative sculpture with David Seyler. He has taught at Scottsdale Artists’ School since 1991. When not busy teaching, Jerry creates joy and magic by bringing clay to life at his studio in Paradise Valley, Ariz.        


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