The Creative Art Of Jerry Cox


While the original art was destroyed, this wonderful reproduction was created by Jerry's grandson Tyler. “It take a life time to learn to paint like a child” Picasso




Jerry Cox was born an artist in Lincoln, Nebraska on May 13, 1943. Thirteen is his lucky number.   He created his first work of art at age 13 months.  He was quite proud of his large mural but it was met with mixed reviews. The size was 24" x 72”. The crayon mural was located on the living room wall.


Although his passion was art, at age 13 he determined that being an artist was not a predictable way to support himself. He looked for an interim career.  His criteria was that he must be self-employed so he would be in charge of his own success and allow the time to pursue his passion for art.  He decided dentistry would be the ideal  profession.


In between taking organic chemistry, physics and biochemistry he found some time for his art.  At the time of Jackson Pollock splatter art, he was fortunate to have the opportunity to study traditional figurative sculpture with Italian trained sculptor David Seyler at the University of Nebraska.


In 1965, two years before graduating from dental school, the National Weather Bureau  invented the "wind chill index.”  Instead of being five below zero in Lincoln, the “wind chill index” was 20 below zero….…  It was time for another major life decision. This one was easy. Rather than staying in Lincoln and then retire to a beautiful resort town, why not live and work there now.  After graduation from University of Nebraska College of Dentistry, Jerry moved to Scottsdale Arizona.


The real spark that fueled his professional art career was Scottsdale Artists’ School where he

studied under George Carlson, Glenna Goodacre, George Lundeen, Bruno Lucchesi and Lincoln Fox.  Jerry has taught sculpture at Scottsdale Artists’ School since 1991.


Jerry has created several life size sculptural commissions including professional golfer Heather Farr and the retired CEO of Medtronic Bill George and his wife Penny.  His sculpture   "Freedom's Dance" was chosen to be displayed as part of United Nations 60th anniversary in Geneva Switzerland.


Jerry has the unique ability to capturing essence of the human spirit.  When not busy teaching sculpture at Scottsdale Artists’ School, Jerry creates joy and magic by bringing clay to life in his studio in Paradise Valley Arizona.


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